UNSA has become a specialist in guiding and organising study groups. Groups can consist from 6 up to about 60 people. These tours can either be to South Africa or the Netherlands. Any topic is possible which can range from more commercial projects to the high tech specialist.

Study Groups can be comparing Technology, at the same time looking for possible Internships, Master degree research projects or corporation agreements with similar parties. Most of the time we also include the outings to experiencing cultural events.

Study groups can consist of students as well as lecturers or combinations thereof. UNSA caters for every wish and desire to support making the Study Group a success. For each Study Group, a programme is composed which is fit for purpose. UNSA arranges the flights, transport, accommodation and visits and everything that goes together with it. UNSA can offer the Study Groups packages at very economical rates. There are no standard prices, because every group has different needs. For further details please contact UNSA and indicate when you would like to go, with how many people and what the interest is going to be. Any suggestions will help.