Every year, during the October month, the “Studie Beurs” takes place in Utrecht at the “Jaarbeurs”. Together with the “Studie Beurs” there is a “Scope on the Globe” exhibition telling the students about what study, internship or final thesis possibilities there are around the world. A lot of countries are exhibiting and can tell you about those possibilities.

We represent South Africa and will be able to tell you more about going to South Africa.

Our presentation on the “Scope on the Globe” which lasts four days, will this year take place on Thursday 11, Friday 12 and Saturday 13 October from 16.00 – 16.30 every afternoon. Check the location with the organisation.

We give a short presentation to tell you more of what you can do or get when going to South Africa and how this could work for you.

This also gives you an opportunity to ask questions if we did not already do answer some of your questions via e-mail.

We also talk about the typical cost of going to South Africa and if you would be able to get financial support either from the company you are going to or some other bodies.

The session is always right at the end of every day which gives us an opportunity to when required still use some more time afterwards for some more private questions.

We are also visiting a number of Schools and Universities during that same period during October. So if you did miss us on the “Scope on the Globe” you might be able to still catch us at your School/University. Get in contact with your International office or possibly the head of your department. If they do not know us, reach us via one of our contact numbers.

Make sure that you don’t miss-out on an experience of a life time...