UNSA's next visits to the netherlands will be:

October 2021 and May 2022

At least once a year we will be visiting a number of HBO’s and Universities in the Netherlands to meet students who are already keen to come to South Africa and have already enrolled or who have a strong affinity in doing their practical Internship, Thesis or Studies in that country and just need a little bit more detail.

We can help you with more information about the country and the work and study possibilities, your questions you might have and what to do and not to do. Most of the Dutch Schools and Universities know us very well and their International Office could possibly also help you with lots of information before we even meet.

The better you are prepared the easier it becomes to understand what you can do and that this will fit your ideas and requirements and to know how it works and what you can expect and what South Africa expects from you. Of course a possibility of meeting on a personal basis will give the interested student just the right edge of becoming even more keen and interested to get that special overseas experience.

Check with your International office if we have approached them to come to your school and make sure when, at what time and where. You are also allowed to approach us and to ask us what plans we have got to visit the school and when.

If at all possible we will get out of our way to meet you somewhere in the Netherlands when a visit to one of the school is not planned for or we can ask you to come to one of the schools we do visit. While in the Netherlands we can see if there is a possibility to arrange for an appointment.

We see you soon and be prepared.