How it Works

Lots of steps are required to make this an unforgettable happening. Even when your parents are not really in favour of you moving so far away, we can help either talking to them at one of our seminars in the Netherlands when we do our Dutch round.

We are operating from Pretoria, South Africa where we have our head office and twice a year we come to the Netherlands to visit our contact persons at the HBO's and the Universities and to talk to those students who have already enrolled or the students who are still not 100% sure what to do and need some more information.

This normally happens during the May en October month. You can always ask your International office or the head of the faculty of the school/University for the exact dates, venues and time.

Enrolment is up till end of April or the following period up till mid October. Do not send faxes or postal forms. All contacts are via e-mail.

For the HBO students the periods from February to August or from August to February normally apply. The University students can differ from these periods. Other periods are available on request. But remember that companies prefer you to stay a minimum of 4 months with them. So shorter periods must be discussed.

Please note that if you like to come during October/November to South Africa the people will not be very happy with you as about a month later the summer holiday starts.

The same applies to the South African students whereby the month of July and August in Europe are typical summer holiday periods.

After completing the enrolment form on the website under the heading “Interested”, the following documentation (send by e-mail to us only) and payment of required enrolment fee will be required, where after you will receive a code to allow you to log-in on the second part of the website and to update and control your personal information.


  1. Your CV neatly laid out in MsWord format. Think about your address, born, telephone-, mobile number, studies and main subjects, computer experience, languages, sports, hobbies and what adds to you as a person.
  2. Your most recent list of marks in MsWord format or as JPG. But remember that we cannot use computer forms from the school and also think about the fact that the subjects could all be in Dutch. So please translate when required.
  3. Prepare a well structured motivational letter indicating what you could mean for a future employer. Start with what you want to do and what you are good at. Support your ideas with the projects you have already done at school or on previous practical experience. Give further possibilities and again support that with the experience you have got in that field. Put this in MsWord format. Start with today’s date and address it “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN”. Really try to sell yourself and don’t refer to South Africa being a beautiful country or trying to improve your English.
  4. A passport scanned in, in JPG format.
  5. A statement from the school/University of what your study entails.
  6. When available a recommendation from the school in MsWord format (for application of study permit only).
  7. Letter in MsWord format or as JPG stating that you are a registered student (for application of study permit only).


The cost involved for enrolment covers the following:

  1. When doing our presentations in the Netherlands at school you can come and listen to us and ask questions. Check with your International Office if we come around and if not, approach us to ask what school you could go to to attend such a session.
  2. The moment you are enrolled you can enter the second part of the Interactive UNSA Website. Make use of that. It gives you much more information. When the search starts for your placement, you must stay in contact with us. Remember that things overseas do not move very fast. When we have more info for you, you will be contacted by e-mail. But there is nothing wrong when you feel that it takes a bit long to get in touch with us.
  3. Assistance with your permit and paperwork for the applicable permit. Note that the immigration law in South Africa changes regularly and you have to really follow our guidelines to not fall in any unforeseen trap.
  4. We make arrangements for very economic flights, so that you can travel with other colleague students. Please note that we always make use of open year returns. That has over more than 10 years proven the best arrangement.
  5. We help with accommodation. Sometimes we make use of fixed accommodation (that is always preferred), where we know that things are safe and sound. If that is not available, we will help with good temporary accommodation.
  6. When in South Africa we help you getting in touch with all the other students. We organize a very special Student weekend combined with a Safari with official Wild Life Rangers where almost everybody from Cape Town to Windhoek to Durban attends this weekend.
  7. We also, during your whole period in South Africa, are around to help you when you have a problem and the people around you have no idea how to solve it. So when you are in South Africa and something happens to you and one will not be able to help you, you can contact us for advice and/or assistance.

Enrolment cost is as follows:
  1. Full assistance for tertiary educational students HBO and University is a total of € 350 , which is to be paid in a first payment of € 175 when enrolling and submitting all the required paperwork by e-mail. The second payment of € 175 becomes due the moment the project has been submitted. Acceptable MBO students can follow the same rules.
  2. Part assistance when you have been able to obtain your own placement will be € 250 as a once of payment when enrolling.
  3. Physiotherapy and Nursing students who require registration at a South African University and the registration at the Health Council in Pretoria pay € 450 as a once of payment.
Note: With some HBO's and Universities, we have special financial arrangements. Please discuss with your applicable co-ordinator for International affairs or direct co-ordinator, to see if you qualify and confirm the outcome with us.

The reason for a split up in amounts to be paid is that in the past we did have reasonably low placement figures of around 70%. During the past 5 years the chance of getting a placement has been improved to better than 95%. But we want to maintain the risk half your side and half our side. This means that there will be no restitution of the first part of the enrolment fee being it your problem not being able to carry on or that we in the end could not obtain you the right placement. So please keep that in mind.

The enrolment fee does not cover any other cost like permits, insurance and housing.

Payment is to be made to the following Bank account in the Netherlands:

Rabo Bank Groesbeek
Account No 1174.66.964

We require your name and indication of first payment
or when making payment from outside the Netherlands
the International Bank code will be

IBAN NL32 RABO 0117 4669 64

give you name and indicate first payment


Your acceptance of enrolment will depend on the first payment made. As soon as we have received your first and/or final payment, you will, when requested, be informed that when payment has been received and you will from that moment be able to log-in second part of the website which will allow you to see more information on down loadable permit forms, requirements for your permit flight information, accommodation, the General Information Afternoon (GIA), student weekend we will arrange, medical & travel insurance, international drivers license and much much more.

Now we will start looking for all the options. You could have indicated some preferences and we will do our utmost to follow those options. When we feel that we are limiting your chances we will get back to you to discuss them and to possibly open up more options.

All information is sent by e-mail but you are welcome to phone in with questions on progress. We are handling approx 400 students on year basis so you can imagine that we are very busy with the placements. Unfortunately it is not a matter of just phoning around we sometimes have to fly to Cape Town or other places to discuss your possibilities.

When you have questions please come to us by e-mail