UNSA has a long track record from 1975 of placing students in the right environment in the other country and assisting you with the actual placement, all the paperwork and needs required to allow you to get to the other country, to understand the culture, how to obtain the permits, your most economic flight arrangement and where to get acceptable accommodation. We have regular talks at schools and once a year a general introduction meeting at one of the Dutch School/University to inform the students, having an invitation or close to it, to hear more about all the inís and outís of going to South Africa.


We are helping mainly tertiary educational students from HBO or University. Exceptions we make are the private tertiary educational school and some very keen and strong MBO students.

The placement can be in any field of education. We will find the appropriate place and talk to you about your approval and that of the school. Thereafter we will get the invitation from the institution, company or firm.

The period for internship or final year thesis must be as follows:

University student: a minimum of 4 months, but preferably 5 months

HBO student: a minimum of 5 months

MBO student: a minimum of 5 months

Agricultural student: a minimum of one month and maximum one year

The only exception we make when student do a short research project at one of the Universities. There a minimum of 3 months could be possible.

We also help foreign students from the above groups studying in the Netherlands and who also want to come to South Africa.

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