After your successful placement the first question you are going to get from parents, family or friends and may be even your girlfriend or boyfriend, can I come and visit you??? And then you tell them "of course", because it is fantastic to be able to show the people close to you what you are doing and achieving in South Africa. To also get them to meet the friends you have made and to show how you take care of a "braai" and your Castle beers. We can help you also with their flight tickets. But keep in mind; although we always try to get to the most economic tickets, it sometimes can be that you can get cheaper tickets. It is an agreement we make together.

You know that the advantage with us is that we can book a ticket, you can discuss the options with the others and than decide to either take or cancel the arrangement. At that stage we can easily cancel the ticket without any cost. The idea behind us booking the ticket immediately is that when everybody agrees, we are sure that we still have the seats we promised. Keep in mind hat you have to decide rather early about what you are going to do. Flights these days are very very full and it is sometimes difficult to get tickets in high season. So the earlier you come to us the better it is for all parties.