From 1990 to 2004 we have seen a lot of students who did see the vast opportunities of having a “Double Degree”.

In this world we have two major educational systems, that is the one in Europe covered by the “Bologne” agreement and the one covering the English speaking countries covered by the “Washington” agreement.

It is only during the past five years that Europe has discovered the “Bologne” agreement and has agreed to start living up to it. So a lot of educational bodies in Europe must now start fulfilling the same standard requirements and that will still take a while before everybody is using and teaching to the same standards. That is why a “Double Degree” taken on in Europe does not mean much. The advantage sits in having another degree in an English speaking country. That is why South Africa is a great opportunity to study for a “Double Degree”.

Your European degree is recognised in about 30% of this World, so coming to America for instance people will know what you have been doing but will not recognise your diploma. Your South African degree (English speaking) covers close to 60% in this world. Which means that the two degrees cover close to 90% recognition in this world and that means something. We have experienced exactly this.

So that is a real opportunity we can offer you in South Africa.

During 2004 the acting Dutch minister of education, Mr Hermans, did pull the plug on this fantastic opportunity, but luckily enough schools and Universities are slowly gaining ground again and are reconsidering offering the “Double Degree” options again. A number of school are not there yet, but you are free to contact us to help making the right match where possible.

Lots depends on your present study and school/University

    • Attending the HBO gives you a rather special option when it comes to doing a “Double Degree” in South Africa. You can either follow some extra courses in South Africa after having obtained your HBO diploma and obtain a B.Tech degree or may be even more interesting is to move on to a Master Degree option at HBO level or University level. That is also a fantastic option and it depends on your interest and capabilities of what possibilities you can take.
    • When doing your University degree you have an option to join an University in South Africa and come to an agreement on a final Master thesis. Even there we have a number of options which we can discuss.


Although there are not many options, we can mention of few which can be of interest to you.

  • May be you are still in position to receive your Study Financing which you can bring along to South Africa. You can for that matter also bring your school fee along.
  • Just note that for all foreign students coming to South Africa and wanting to study, some of the Universities charge twice, some of them up to three time the applicable fee. Dealing with us can may be help you getting a more cost effective deal. We are always trying our utmost to make it an affordable exercise.
  • You could at school apply for a “VSB” bursary.
  • In very exceptional cases we can look at local industry sponsoring your studies.

Those are the options available as far as we know.


We will assist you in obtaining the right permit and visa.

Note: As this is a very special possibility we advise you to get in touch with our specialist the Director of the UNSA foundation mr Albert van Oudheusden . He will have the latest details on the most recent developments.